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... truly an avid reader and have been all my life.  Along with that comes a vivid imagination and a passion for writing. That passion was finally brought to reality in my first novel Joy Happened.  As a dreamer, I am a true Pisces Woman - mysterious, spiritual, imaginative,  idealistic, and a fool for romance; all which I try to bring to life in my writing. 

My Perspective:

It’s funny how things seem to fall into place whether or not it is a place that we want to be. Just for a moment, we should let our minds run free and reject any and all emotions evading our space; take in the simple things in life we take for granted such as the birds chirping on a sweet summer day. We should allow the sights and sounds to bring a different perspective to mind, a stress free perspective without any additives; just the simple things of life that lose appreciation along the way.

My Life:

Entrepreneur by nature, Mother of 2 (Trent and Kennedy) .

"It is what it ain't" says Stef

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