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What is it?  How does it feel? What does it mean to Love?  Is it a noun or verb?

Is Love a Many Splendored Thing?  Can we put a name or a face to any of those things?

​How do you know when and if Love is real?

When Love calls, how do you know when or if to answer?

Knock knock…who’s there?  Love.  Prove it…

Join Sista Friends Joy, Carmen, Vivian, Tyra and Suzette as they continue their 40+ journey discovering the ups and downs of relationship and friendships…simply put… Love & Life.  Through divorce, lies, deceit, and entanglement, love still calls.


Visit our Book Club Discussion Hosted by BluPrint2Events  "Wine Down Readers" Streaming Live on Facebook @Bluprint2events (previous recordings under "Videos")

"This author is a master story teller! I could picture every person, scene, thing, described in this book! Character intros were excellent! Definitely looking forward to the sequel...I'm interested to see which way the author will go since there are soooo many ways to continue this story."

Amazon Customer Review

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